Maverick Mac DeMarco

Image source: Bandcamp

There’s little in music I love more than the fusion of rock and glamor. Glam rock if you will. The attitude, the fashion, the provocation. These elements all make up Mac DeMarco’s (formerly Makeout Videotape) sound. On the single, “Baby’s Wearin’ Blue Jeans” comparisons can be drawn from David Bowie and Lana Del Rey (and not just because they too, have songs about blue jeans). The vibe is a bit Bowie; the breathy delivery like that of Ms. Del Rey. As for DeMaro, completely unabashed, he’s fully capable of offending and intriguing at the same time. Or as NPR puts it, “alluringly sleazy.” Endearing, no?

The Edmonton native recently embarked on a North American tour accompanying fellow Canadians Japandroids. DeMarco’s debut solo EP entitled Rock And Roll Night Club is out now.


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