Matt Woods – In The Dark

Looking to “lose your heart?” Matt Woods can help. The British crooner’s soulful vocals will make you melt at the first note. His velvety single, “In The Dark” speaks to those rare moments when you truly connect with someone beyond the surface level as he sings, “I just died in your arms, there’s no better way to go.”

Beneath that perfect moment however, lies a feeling that’s bittersweet. Woods told Crack In The Road that “In The Dark” is about  “an intimate moment, when you feel really close to someone…about how just as soon as it happens it has gone. It’s sort of pleading with that someone to not wake you up from this brief moment.”

That’s exactly how you’ll feel when listening to Woods’ stirring vocals. Luckily once it ends, you can just hit play again and again.

Image source: Facebook

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