Maria Mena…What’s Next

I have been listening to Maria Mena a lot recently. Her voice is pretty mesmerizing. There is an emotional intensity behind all her songs, which keeps me coming back for more. Soulful and soothing, her music is good for keeping spinning thoughts and stress levels at bay. ‘Just Hold Me’ is a hauntingly beautiful ballad as is ‘Nevermind Me.’ Not well known in the US, she holds a strong fanbase in Germany and Norway (her homeland). I’d like to see her gain popularity in the US. With her voice and talent I think she could continue to ride this wave of fame even farther.

She released a new album this year titled Cause and Effect…I can’t even find it on iTunes but i’ve listened to it on and the girl delivers, especially on tracks ‘Belly Up’ and ‘I Was Made For Loving You.’ Crisp and dynamic, it is a breath of fresh air. Check her out!

Just Hold Me – Maria Mena


  • Reply January 9, 2009


    She is the Best!

  • Reply November 20, 2008


    I love Maria Mena! She’s so sweet. Her videos are pretty funky, too! Nice post.

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