Maker Faire: What Are OK GO Making?

POTUS likes it when you make stuff. OK GO likes making stuff and they’re making something for Obama in support of the very first White House Maker Faire on June 18th.

What exactly is this Maker Faire?

It’s Obama’s way of celebrating the smart, savvy and creative citizens of these United States who are using and inventing new tools and technologies to improve life, create jobs and blow people’s minds – in a nutshell.

If you want the official statement from the White House (where they use textbook terms like STEM and quote Steve Jobs), including a list of ways to participate on June 18th, you can view it here.

Feeling patriotic and inspired?

Check out Damian and Tim of OK GO’s fun little promo video and try to guess what the rockers plan to unveil at the Faire. My money’s on a see-saw?

“Making stuff. It’s good for OK GO, it’s good for the White House, it’s good for America.”

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