Lykke Li (I hope I soon figure out how she pronounces this)

Lykke Li is a savory treat that I have indulged in again and again these past few weeks. Her refreshing melodies quench the dry silence. The soft sound of her voice is enticing and memorable and while her songs may be mid-tempo, tey wont put you to sleep. Her song “Little Bit” is flirty and sweet. Coyishly she sings “I think I’m a little bit in love with you, but only if you’re a little bit in love with me.” Well I am certainly a little bit in love with her music. It appears as if I may have a thing for the Swedes.

Equally catchy is the dance-infused tune “I’m good, I’m gone. Li insists your hands will clap–but your hips will be sure to twist. The character in the silver one-piece in the music video reminds me of the classic body builder seen in this famous Pop art piece by Richard Hamilton. Is there a resemblance or is it just me? Watch the video and see for yourself here:


  • Reply May 12, 2008


    I think she’s trying to look independent and powerful. Based on the lyrics it seems like she’s challenging those who didn’t believe in her, so I guess she’s saying “look at me now”

    It is a pretty crazy video!

  • Reply May 11, 2008

    Rebecca Corliss

    The music video is sick. But she’s so strange. I’m not sure what type of emotion she’s trying to portray with her facial expression. Any insight? Am I just not reading her well? I love her sound though.

    Also. Holy body contortion. She sure can move.

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