Lykke Li Explores Her "Possibilities"

Will you still love me tomorrow? Lykke Li looks into the past and pulls out a beautiful cover of The Shirelles hit, available for free download on her web site. The video is a dimly lit steady shot of Lykke Li singing at the piano. Be sure to check out the slowed down rendition.

Lykke Li also appears on the New Moon soundtrack with the song “Possibility.”  A song about love and heartbreak, it fits with the movie, at least from what I gather from the endless bombardment of advertisements, previews and tabloids.

Lykke Li sings “By blood about me I fall when you leave/By blood about me I follow your lead”. Surely Bella, nursing her broken heart over Edward, can relate. Another beautiful ballad. Lykke Li really can’t do wrong with her husky textured voice.

Image credit: lastfm

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