Lowell Can Hear The Bells

Lowell has an unshakable spirit and a disarmingly honest, saccharine sound. A mere 22 years old, the singer has already lived many lives, as chronicled  through her honest songwriting and wise-beyond-her-years outlook on life.

From suffering child abuse to dropping out of college and stripping to say afloat, Lowell has had to overcome many obstacles in life. Writing songs was one outlet, and at age 18, taking on the persona Sara V became another. Wrestling with womanhood, sexuality, societal pressures and more her entire life, Sara V provided freedom for Lowell to speak and act without judgement. Through Sara V, Lowell grew and came to certain realizations about herself and her experiences.

A number of these realizations can be heard on Lowell’s album We Loved Her Dearly, named in tribute to Sara V. The confessional recording shows Lowell laying everything on the table with strength, self-acceptance and synths:

“The album opens with the gorgeous “Words Were The Wars,” a heartfelt self-affirmation the singer wrote the day she left an abusive relationship. “LGBT” is a chant-centric ode to joie de vivre written to make singing expressly pro-gay-rights messages (“LGBT! L-O-V-E!”) appealing to any audience. The album’s emotional keystone, the piano-led “I Killed Sara V,” references class struggle, sexual coercion, drug use, and the isolation inherent to the music industry as [Lowell] has experienced them.” [NPR]

Be it personal or political, Lowell tells it like it is, and she hopes to motivate listeners to speak up and speak out about issues that matter to them. May Lowell’s story and music inspire others who have found themselves needing a Sara V of their own.

We Loved Her Dearly, drops September 16th but you can hear the whole thing now over at NPR’s First Listen.


Image source: Facebook

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