Love All Around

Tina Dico played a sold out show at the Highline Ballroom last night.  The audience was much blonder than your typical nyc crowd, all the Danes came out to see their homeland star sing – and even exchanged a few words back and forth to each other in Danish.

Tina has toured and moved around a lot, but recently went back to her roots and is living in Copenhagen, a move she’s so happy with that she wrote the song “Copenhagen” for her new album, Welcome Back Colour, and also performed it at the show last night. Not wanting to isolate NYC, she also showed lots of love for the big apple as well.

Tina’s keyboardist opened for her, setting the singer/songwriter mood with some self-proclaimed “cheesy” love songs and even covering a Roy Orbison song. After his set, Tina came out and opened her set with the crowd favorite “Count to Ten.”  Following that she played “In Love” wanting to start things off on a lighter note, and then jokingly said “now lets go back into the tunnel.” The set lasted for about 90 minutes, with Tina playing a mix of old and new songs including Glow, One, No Time To Sleep, Home, Watching Him Go, Welcome Back Colour, All I See,  He Doesn’t Know and Friend In A Bar.

Tina is a wonderful storyteller through her lyrics, chords, presence and personality.  Her voice and spirit are completely captivating. A brilliant songwriter it’s amazing how she strings words together – I find myself hanging on to every word. The power and honesty in her lyrics is what makes her such a magnetic artist.

She and her keyboardist compliment each other beautifully in their playing and their harmonizing.  Occasionally exchanging funny banter between songs, they brought ‘comic relief’ to some of the heavier songs Tina is known for playing, making note of the theme of “longing” in her music. 

She ended the set to a cheering crowd, luring her back on stage for an encore in which she played the uplifting Love All Around and the moving Heaven and Hell. It was a wonderful show.  Catch her while you can: See tour dates.

Tina’s sixth album Welcome Back Colour is available now.

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