Lost In Space

Booka Shade is having a music video competition for their single “Teenage Spaceman” from their new album More!  48 music videos from fans and directors are up on the site, duking it out for the chance to be crowned the creator behind Booka Shade’s new music video.  There are some pretty eye-catching visuals and story lines.  It’s always captivating to see how many different interpretations can be drawn out of one idea.  I always love to see the variety that results.  Go to the site and vote for your favorite video here.

I’m not able to imbed my favorites onto here but here are links to some of my favorites:

1. Alex et Ol – beautifully shot, captures that “spacey” feel and playing with time/motion.
“Afekt Production presents a history of young electro-rock people who spend a typical day until nightfall. They are the only ones going in the right direction, while everything else of the world around them is moving backwards. 

Inexpressive, they remain until that magic moment when the music freezes into a symbiotic long-awaited evening. This is the place where young electro-rock people find their joy, emotions and feelings they have in common with music.”

2. Brian Long  really great graphics/special effects in this one.
“Swallowed by corporate inertia, “office chick” unconsciously keeps the rhythm of the music until she’s forced to really listen — showing her a new way to see what was already there.”

3. Matt Phantom creative, visual, great camera shots
The magic of thinking big.”


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