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I recently interviewed Lil Freckles on behalf of pop culture media outlet, FruitFlyLife. If you’re a culture junky like me, I invite you to visit the site for “Life when it’s juicy. Music when it’s ripe.” Read the interview, re-posted with permission, below:

GIRLS writer/rapper simultaneously invokes snorting and cringing with her straight serving of reality.

If you weren’t internalizing Marnie’s anxiety over her musical debut at Glasslands on the latest season of GIRLS, you may have noticed the dope chick who preceded her. That was Lil Freckles performing her single “Dancin On The D” (fun fact – it was actually her debut performance as well).

Not that Lil Freckles has any reason to sweat. Her frank lyrics and IDGAF attitude make this girl not only memorable but also relatable, like how she basically sums up dating in the 21st century with the line, “he texting mad emoji’s, what he really means is blow me.” Am I the only one tempted to throw out my ‘smart’ phone?

FruitFlyLife spoke to Lil Freckles about her rap game, the perks of hooking up (hello pancake breakfasts) and her upcoming mixtape, Plan B, which promises an overdose of life unscripted.

“Show some respect. It’s the summer of Lil Frexxx”

How’d you get started in hip-hop? Who are some female rappers that inspired you?
Lil’ Freckles: I was always a fan but didn’t make my first song until a year ago. Me and my boy Self Williams had an idea for a song, and it took us a while to even figure out how to find the resources to record it. From there, my friend Kyle Rapps (who is a really dope rapper, everybody Google him asap), helped me a lot with technique and how to make shit sound good. Female artists that inspired me…obviously Salt-N-Pepa and Missy Elliott- the Queens. Also Nicki [Minaj] and MIA.

In what ways is the scene changing or staying the same? Do you feel there’s more or less opportunity for female hip hop artists today?
LF: I think the whole scene in general – not only in hip hop – is moving towards women being more supportive of each other and helping create opportunities for one another. I’m really drawn to the idea of going where I’m not necessarily welcome. In hip hop there are so many dope female artists that I look up to right now. Have you even heard Jungle Pussy? Google her right away.

What’s one of your favorite rap lines?
LF: I have too many favorites, but one I’m hearing literally at this very moment is, “When I parked my range rover/slightly scratched your corolla/OK, I smashed your corolla.”

Your single “Dancin On The D” was on Season 3 episode 11 of GIRLS. What was your reaction when you heard they wanted to use the song?
LF: I was like “no thanks.” Just kidding. Obviously I was really excited and grateful that Lena [Dunham] and Jenni [Konner] were so supportive. The first time I rapped in front of a group of people was on set filming that scene, so that was cool/I wanted to throw up/where’s my assistant, somebody get me a fucking grilled cheese.

“Dancin On The D” is an uncensored portrayal of summer loving and living in NYC. Especially the line, “we’re fucking at your place if you got air conditioning.” Aside from AC, any other perks you’ve surprisingly gotten out of hookups?
LF: Right. Well, aside from air conditioning, some hookup perks have been the occasional pancake breakfast, oversized college hoodies, and unplanned pregnancies.

Your Instagram account consists solely of rap video recaps of GIRLS episodes. Will your account go silent until the next season starts up, or do you plan to keep it going?
LF: In the off season, instead of rapping about GIRLS, I plan to post many selfies, most of which will focus on me using my new vape pen in the bathtub, or what I’m eating at Mr. Chicken To Go.

What can we expect to hear on the Plan B mixtape you have in the works?
LF: The Plan B mixtape is going to be totally disgusting and “all in good fun.”, as an old ass person would say. I think a lot of people will relate to it. Also, probably a lot of people will call me a slut and tell me to kill myself, and I am prepared for and looking forward to that. All in all, I think it’s honest and true to who I am, and a good first effort to build on.

Do you have freckles all year round or are you a summertime freckles kind of girl?
LF: I could be in the Tundra and still have freckles.

Who’s freckles do you find exceptional/memorable?
LF: That bitch from Wendy’s. She has freckles, right?

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