Life Is A Circus

Never since Ringling Brothers started parading elephants down the streets of Manhattan over 100 years ago, has the Circus been more popular! Brit Brit and Take That share the title on their upcoming albums (but I am sure the inspiration behind the name was quite different for both!), not to mention circus inspired fashion is popping up every which way I look. Miley Cyrus can be seen modeling the new trend in her ‘7 Things‘ music video (don’t suppose the inspiration for this song came after a girls night watching Ten Things I hate About You?).

Anyway I suppose this post is a bit random, but I stumbled upon this amazing pic of Miss Spears and it just brought a smile to my face. From a young Mouseketter to the ring leader of her life once again, it has been a long road for the pop icon. I am glad she has finally landed back on top, with two feet firmly on the ground this time.

images courtesy of:, google images

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