Let Avan Lava Feel Good, Cause It Feels Good

Avan Lava just posted their behind-the-scenes style video for “Feels Good”, with footage from the band on tour and relaxing during down-time. The video serves as a testament to Avan Lava’s confetti-blowing, neon-glowing, ass-twerking, ‘feel good’ shows you’ll wish were ‘never over’.

Just watch what happens at 2:31 – crowd-surfing on an inflatable raft while inflatable horses fly through the air!?

This is no joke.

If you want to experience pure rapture, purchase tickets to Avan Lava’s next live show.

Avan Lava’s EP Flex Fantasy is out now. Get it, blast it, and have a dance party in your room.

March 2 Music Hall of Williamsburg // Brooklyn, NY
March 12 Austin, TX, SXSW //  Mood Media Party, Clive Bar / 609 Davis St
March 15 Austin, TX, SXSW // Bond Music Group Showcase / 408 N. Congress
March 17 ​Austin, TX, SXSW //  Gay Bi Gay Gay

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