Let Him Entertain You

Adam Lambert in all his glam goth glory is here for your entertainment. His debut album drops today and features collaborations with members of Muse, The Darkness and Lady Gaga who all contributed songs to the record. It’s glittering pop rock, sure to make appearances in top-40 clubs and karaoke bars across America. “Music Again” written by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness is a great fit for Adam’s style and voice. One of the better songs on the album in my opinion. “Soaked” written by Muse on the other hand, sounds like Adam covering a Muse song. It could have used some molding and altering to make it Adam’s own. “Fever” the Lady Gaga song is fun and seductive, reflecting the overriding theme of For Your Entertainment.

As for the single “For Your Entertainment” all I can say is…I have to see what this s&m styled music video is all about when it comes out. Provacative seems to be what Adam’s going for these days, the Details spread anyone? This boy knows how to create buzz, and it’s clear he has a lot in store for us. So buckle up boys and girls, Adam Lambert is ready to take you on a wild ride.

Adam goes up against the big leagues Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Shakira who also release albums today! Nothing like a little healthy competition.

Adam’s AMA performance last night

Image credit: lastfm

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