Lady Gaga Dazed and Confused

“I believe in a glamorous life, and I live a glamorous life”

Lady Gaga stars while Kathryn Ferguson directs a short homage to Gaga’s favorite designers (Pam Hogg, David Koma, Petra Storres and John Galliano) for Dazed Digital. The film is accompanied by a piano composition which Gaga wrote for the piece. I’m posting it because I find it an interesting thing for an artist to do, and an interesting way to tie in music with fashion. It manages to be buzz worthy without delivering any news at all. But then again, that’s the power behind the name Lady Gaga and the empire she’s crafted over the past couple years with Haus of Gaga. It’s creative, and in this ADD landscape of ours, it’s short. Could it have been executed better? Probably. But the video is a great example of how to stay current and connected to fans, while harnessing an artists interests and strengths. Something for bands and industry folk to consider.


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