Kishi Bashi – In Fantasia

Get ready to feel that lump in your throat. Kishi Bashi’s haunting video for “In Fantasia” is a bit of a tear-jerker. Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, the video opens with a man crying in his car, trying to compose himself before driving away.

We see him in different settings – a grassy field, a swimming pool, a lake dock – looking distracted and weighed down. The scenes repeat, but this time around there’s a woman; a lover that no longer exists.

What happened to them? How did their story end? That’s left to interpretation. But there’s no mistaking the lump in your throat that will surface halfway through the video, thanks to filmmakers Bram De Jonghe and Andrew Turski, who poignantly capture the potent sense of loss and longing.

In Fantasia” was inspired by a dream of Kishi Bashi’s about “the loss of mortal innocence.” [NPR] So if you’re prepared to stir up some feels, dive into the 8 minute story (it’s worth it).

Kishi Bashi is currently on the road in support of his sophomore release, Lightght. See tour dates here.

Featured image: Kaden Shallat via Big Hassle

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