Kevin Garrett – Coloring

“You either know or you don’t” sings Kevin Garrett on “Coloring.” The line sums up the growing distance between two people in a relationship thats lost all its vibrancy. There’s denial and avoidance but at the end of the day, both parties know where things are headed.

Garrett sings with an arresting vulnerability while gauzy instrumentals ebb and flow. Beginning with subtle piano chords and a steady drum beat, then progressing to synth notes, the soulful single captivates from start to finish.

At the age of 23, Garrett writes with a sage sophistication beyond his years. This hypnotic debut single, yes, I said debut, puts the Brooklyn-based singer on the map (not to mention on rotation at the Sound Dessert HQ). Keep your ears open for what’s next from Kevin Garrett.

Image source: Facebook


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