Jr Jr – Gone

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr shall hereby be referred to simply as, Jr Jr. The Detroit duo recently released “Gone,” the debut single off their upcoming (newly) self-titled release, Jr Jr  dropping September 25th via Warner Bros. Records.

The sunny single seems fitting as the guys bid farewell to their former moniker. A celebratory track about moving forward, “Gone” is complete with carefree whistling and snapping. It’s about letting go of what other people want you to be and simply being true to yourself. Press play and try to fight the urge to move.

Wondering the reason for the name change?

The decision came after a desire to clear up confusion among fans of the race-car driver:
“When we initially chose the name Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, the feeling was that it gave us an amazing flexibility,” said Jr Jr. “Band names are a weird thing to begin with, but we figured if we named our band Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr there would be no expectations for what we were meant to sound like…The flip side is that as things have grown, so has the amount of confusion caused by the name Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

Read the full statement here. And press play on “Gone” below.

Image source: Paradigm 

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