Interview: Josiah & The Bonnevilles’ Collective Soul

Josiah & The Bonnevilles by Darren Ankenman

Los Angeles trio Josiah & The Bonnevilles are doing things differently. As more artists turn to computers to make beats and tracks in this modern age, Josiah & The Bonnevilles focus on the heart and soul of a song. Frontman Josiah Leming grew up in Tennessee and has a warmth and intimacy about him that radiates through his songwriting and performance.

On the band’s debut EP Cold Blood, the despair, heartbreak and ultimately optimism, ring out with each chord. At only twelve minutes in length, the four tracks will play with your heartstrings: building you up only to leave you wanting more.

Sound Dessert spoke to Josiah about the EP Cold Bloodlife lessons from touring, and his favorite road-stop meal. Josiah & The Bonnevilles are on tour now with Allison Weiss. Catch them play Austin’s The Mohawk this Wednesday, September 28th and see their full list of tour dates here.

Sound Dessert: How does it feel to have officially released the first EP, Cold Blood, under Josiah & The Bonnevilles? 
Josiah: Feels real good, been working on this project for a while. I’ve seen this grow from really just sparse writings that weren’t supposed to be put out into the form it’s in now.

SD: You’ve toured a lot this year, what’s your biggest takeaway from all the fans and people you meet on the road? 
J: I take their souls and carry them with me across the country.

As long as I’m breathing I’m writing

SD: Waffle House is one of your favorite roadside stops, what’s your signature order? 
J: I say, “Howdy! Scrambled eggs, breakfast English muffin, bacon, and extra crispy rates.”

SD: The songs on Cold Blood are about the end of a relationship. Where do you see your next set of songs emerging from? How often do you write/work on new songs?
J: Next batch: probably a lot about the road and some other mangled relationship. As long as I’m breathing I’m writing.

SD: Before you moved to Los Angeles you were living in Vegas. Did you ever win big? 
J: Out where I lived, winning big was hitting a number with a few chips on the quarter roulette. Yes a few times.

SD: What’s the most random music gig you’ve done? 
J: Damn, I’ve done some weird things. Lot’s of private events, never know what you’ll get. Played for some gun wielding church people on a Texas farm once, for example. Solo with piano. I made them give me a gun too.

Josiah & The Bonnevilles by Darren Ankenman

Josiah & The Bonnevilles: Josiah Lemming, Josh Nyback, & Stephen Johnson. Photo by Darren Ankenman.

SD: What are some Tennessee values you live by? 
J: Country bars, no night clubs, and I don’t mess with the dark beers.

SD: Describe this election year in one word.
J: Meh.

SD: What are you listening to right now? 
J: Just found Tom T. Hall and I’m in the black hole with him.

SD: What’s in store for Josiah & The Bonnevilles in 2017? Goals, ambitions? 
J: Record, record, record and if people wanna see us out then we’ll play some shows.

Purchase Cold Blood here. See Josiah & The Bonneville’s tour dates here.

Featured photo: Darren Ankenman

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