Jingle Bell Rock

Today is my Best Of list for Christmas music. Instead of sticking with 2010 though, I’m going to go a little old school and instead list my favorite tunes that I can’t get into the holiday spirit without.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
Pretty much the best Christmas song ever recorded. The song, the video, the voice – it’s all perfect.

2. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Leon Redbone and Zoey Deschanel
I love this cover. The contrast of Leon’s baritone notes compared to Zoey’s light mellifluous voice adds such flavor to the song.
  Baby It’s Cold Outside – Leon Redbone and Zoey Deschanel by sounddessert 

3. Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid
A classic.  I can’t remember a Christmas where I didn’t hear this song, and the lyrics can’t be beat.

4. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt perfects this song.  Flirty and mischievous she puts so much personality into the song.  An iconic talent.

5. Please Come Home For Christmas – Bon Jovi
You can’t watch this video and not be put in a good mood afterward.  It’s just so delightfully cheesy.  A great way to wind down from the stress of gift-getting, traveling, or spending too much time with the fam.

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