Jessie Ware’s Meditative “Tough Love”

British chanteuse Jessie Ware tells it like it is on her slinky new single “Tough Love.”

Recorded in NYC with Japanese duo BenZel, Ware used the session (and break from touring) as an opportunity for “experimenting with my voice and having fun with it.”

“Experimenting”, AKA drawing out a ridiculously breathtaking falsetto. Sparse, synth beats only highlight the strength and emotion behind Ware’s voice.

“So you wanna be a man about it, do you have to?” sings Ware of her “Tough Love” predicament.

The stirring single drops August 3rd and marks the first track off Ware’s upcoming sophomore album. If this is the sort of experimentation we can expect from the rest of the release, well then consider me “crying out for more.”


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