Jacco Gardner – Find Yourself

“Find yourself now, in the shade” with the lush, psychedelic sounds of Jacco Gardner. The sunny, mystical lead single “Find Yourself,” begs for repeat listens while gazing at the sky in a meditative daydream.

Sending listeners into a trance is exactly what the Dutch singer intends on his new LP Hypnophobia. “Gardner’s all set to cast a majestic and vibrant psychedelic spell that will hypnotize listeners at the point dreams and reality meet.”

“Find yourself” certainly has me transfixed.

What really sets Gardner apart is his love for vintage instruments. He plays everything on Hypnophobia (except for drums) including mellotrons, harpsichords, an Optigan, electric piano, and an antique Steinway upright piano. These worn and loved instruments seem to add a layer of warmth and soul that emanates through the recording.

Hypnophobia drops May 4th.

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