"It’s Not You, It’s Me…"

…Says a group of girls (one of them St. Vincent) in one of her teaser videos for her new album Strange Mercy out September 13. The videos are strange indeed, from breaking it off with a guy that no longer holds your interest (“I still love you…kinda” says one), to insisting to that annoying friend (we all have one) that her breathe doesn’t stink and that she is fine, while at the end a snippet of St. Vincent’s voice can be heard singing “I spent the summer on my back.” Are these little white lies mercy that we are imposing on others or more a reflection on today’s social norms and interactions? Much is left unanswered – and desired from St. Vincent’s three short teasers.

Want to hear a song from the new album? I hope you have your hashtag ready. To unlock the first single fans are being instructed to tweet #strangemercy. Once a certain number of tweets has been reached – the single will be available. According to the barometer on www.strangemercy.com it seems like the goal is about 3/4 of the way reached – does this mean we can expect to hear the new single in the next day or two? Let’s hope!

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