Magic Wands Vote ‘Kermit The Frog’ for President

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Los Angeles duo Magic Wands live in their own world. That world is Jupiter, also known as Magic Wands dreamy, reverberating sophomore recording. Inspired by the aura of the 60s, the pair invite listeners to dip into the cosmic soundwaves and discover the enchantment that awaits.

Sound Dessert interviewed Magic Wands’ Chris & Dexy Valentine about their ideal magical powers, connecting via MySpace, and our next presidential candidate.

Sound Dessert: How do you convey “putting love into the world” through your music?
Dexy: By using a special tuning and being mindful of lyrics. What you write you’re generally going to manifest and attract back in some way.

SD: I read that the two of you met on MySpace…
Dexy: We actually met at a show when Chris was visiting L.A. from Nashville and re-connected a year later when Chris found my band page on Myspace.

Chris: We pretty much met in an old Hollywood bed and breakfast. Technically we met about a year before but we didn’t hang out until I came back to L.A. and we met under much different circumstances. I never made any other real friends on MySpace, it was kind of a one time thing.

SD: What are some ways in which you tap into your creativity?
Dexy: Creativity comes in waves. Dreams inspire my lyrics.

Chris: Lately I’ve been recording my own voice saying positive stuff and layering it with theta-wave sound healing music. I’ll listen or meditate to it before bed or sometimes all day. I find it keeps me motivated and creative.

I also do a lot of other art projects: helping friends record or mix music, or making big dioramas with stuff I round up from second-hand stores. I make them in my living room with plastic animals, quartz crystals, LED lights and fog. Other than that I’ve recorded over 100 CDs of sound healing and relaxation music that I create and put online for fun as well.

SD: Does Dexy still have the wand Chris gave her back in 2008?
Dexy: Yes, it’s one of those clear ones filled with purple liquid and glitter.
Chris: It’s a really cool wand.

SD: If you were to attend Hogwarts, which house would you be sorted into?
Dexy: I took an online quiz once that said I’d be Hufflepuff because I’m loyal.

Chris: I know that’s Harry Potter but I’ve never seen those movies. They seem great but any time I try to watch them I always fall asleep within the first ten minutes.

SD: If Magic Wands could cast any spell what would it be?
Dexy: Turn people into frogs.
Chris: Invisibility.

SD: What influences or themes surfaced while writing and recording Jupiter?
Dexy: The theme was don’t think about it, just play and capture the moment.

Chris: We wanted to do a record completely live with minimal overdubs. Nothing is “on a grid” or “cut and pasted” or anything. That – and we wanted to put the focus back on our guitar playing which is how we both started in music.

SD: The 60’s served as one inspiration – who are some of your favorite artists from the decade?
Chris: Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, a lot of  “surf” and garage rock from that time. I would say we were more into an imaginary ideal of the time, not really the reality of it. I bet if we really lived in the 60’s we probably wouldn’t have liked it at all and would have written songs about the magic of the 40’s or something.

SD: If you could nominate anyone for president who would it be?
Chris: Kermit the Frog.

Magic Wands’ sophomore recording Jupiter is out now. Get it here.

This interview has been edited and condensed. Featured image source: Magic Wands.

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