Interesting End Of The Day

I saw his Orchestra play at the Living Room last night.  My friend invited me out to see some live music and I didn’t even know they were playing until I got there.  Being a huge Big Love fan I immediately recognized lead singer Douglas Smith.  I heard he was in a band so I was pleasantly surprised that I got to see them play.

I went in having no expectations and thought they sounded great.  The show was high energy,  and the songs were kinetic. From the guitar, to the glockenspiel, banjo, synths, violin and cello, there was a multitude of instruments and sounds emanating from the stage.  The somewhat somber love songs contrasted with the energetic strains, but in the end the combination made for a cool pairing.

Sorry you missed them last night? Catch them tonight at the Bowery Electric before the leave NYC!

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