In The Fast Lane

Today the IFC premiered Husky Rescue’s “Fast Lane” video from their their album Ship of Light.  As the site describes it, the video is “old school, hand-cranked cinema magic.”  Bit of an odd place for a band to have a video premier, no?  They are a bit under the radar, but I would think more blogs would have picked up on this. None the matter I have been a big fan of the Finnish band since their Country Falls release from 2005.

The video is one long take, spanning over a water-colored canvas that begins with black paint splatters which gradually form into a tree, followed by ants and geometric shapes.

Watching the continuous scrolling of the video might make you begin to feel a little nauseous, but the trick behind the visual deception reveals itself at the end. Check it out, and enjoy the visual fete.

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