In Search of ‘The Voice’

The Heavy Empty is a solo project by Benjamin Wentworth. This multi-talented New Yorker plays a pastiche of instruments including guitar, bass, trumpet and piano. He released his debut instrumental EP this year, and is in search of one more instrument to complete the project – an amazing set of windpipes. That’s right, Wenworth is in search of a vocalist to pair with his high-octane rock riffs. From heavy drums, to hard-hitting guitar strains to soaring trumpet notes, The Heavy Empty’s sound is edgy meets elegant, as the brazen drums confront the graceful trumpet. Have a listen below.

ShortAlbum ONE by the Heavy Empty

Feeling inspired? Contact The Heavy Empty here to see if you could be their next vocalist.

The Heavy Empty also includes Doug Rogells (ex-Envy on the Coast) on drums and Lee Dyess on cello.

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