In Response To Keri Russell:
Brooklyn Bands To Know

I’m in dire need of music. I’m out of touch! I’ve been listening to old stuff. Good stuff, but old stuff, like Neil Young. And I’m really, really into Tom Petty these days. Listening to a lot of Tom Petty.

Keri Russell is out of touch, but not out of time. Covering the fall issue of Brooklyn Magazine, Keri confessed the above when asked about her music leanings. Keri lights up in the profile when discussing living in Brooklyn, biking in Brooklyn, parenting in Brooklyn…basically everything under the Brooklyn sun. Not knowing any Brooklyn bands in a borough teeming with scores of venues and talent though? Unsatisfactory I’m afraid.

Keri, I’m answering your S.O.S.

Allow me to introduce you to some must-hear Brooklyn bands so that you can partake in the local music conversation with the same enthusiasm and confidence as you do with the rest of the ‘hoods offerings.

Have a listen, you might like a song or two.

At the very least, the next time you find yourself at a dinner party listening to a friend talk about the cool new band they caught at Brooklyn Bowl, you’ll be ready to chime in about your new finds. At the very most, you’ll be turning the tables and inviting your music savvy friends to see a show with you.

Of course this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the good music that exists in Brooklyn, but we’re talking baby steps here. If you wish to delve a little deeper, I’ve supplied a Brooklyn playlist for your listening pleasure.

Consider your new music needs met, Ms. Russell.

A Sudanese singer with a splash of funk, a taste of R&B and a spoonful of soul.

Doe Paoro
Singer/songwriter inspired by nature and meditation. Fluid, emotive and dramatic.

Front-women Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig both have amazing pipes, the same hair cut and enjoy wearing the same outfits.

Blood Orange
Sparkling R&B infused pop. A trailblazer.

Alex Winston
Indie pop singer with a rich, velvety voice and sharp song lyrics.


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