I Love That (New) Old Time Rock N Roll

As we move ahead into 2009, cut loose with a taste of the sixties. If you haven’t heard of her yet, keep your ears peeled for the audacious VV Brown. This songstress is getting a lot of buzz as this years next big thing by the likes of the Guardian and BBC to name but a few.

A modern take on a classic ‘twist,’ Brown was heavily influenced by good old fashioned rock n roll, which can be heard on her debut album Crying Blood. Vogue calls it “doo-wop indie” and I call it just plain fabulous. I have an inkling that with songs like these, a whole new wave of dance moves is headed our way.

Fun, fresh and vibrant, Brown’s music is an escape from the banal.

Check out ‘Crying Blood’ (‘Quick Fix’ is also a goody and available as a free download here!)

Image courtesy: lastfm

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