"I Live For Glitter, Not You" Mika’s Return

For Mika’s follow-up to the triumphantly successful (5 million sold) Life In Cartoon Motion, Mika escapes to Neverland and becomes one of the Lost Boys. As the singer explains, The Boy Who Knew Too Much is “a kind of rock opera about my adolescence.” Desire, angst and all the trials of those teenage years are condensed into a dance, pop disc of splendor. The first single, “We Are Golden” serves as a teen anthem, expressing the familiar gripes of adolescents as a chorus of singers exclaims “we are not what you think we are, we are golden,” and lets not forget those raging hormones, Mika sings about them too, stating there’s “no giving up when you’re young and you want some.” Yes, listening to this album will have you cringing over poor life choices (fashion, relationships and otherwise) of your youth. Let the nostalgia commence!

A solid follow-up, some true pop gems stand out on this record. I recommend “Blue Eyes” “Blame it on the Girls” “Rain” and “Good Girl Gone.” Mika embarks on a North American tour starting in October. See tour dates here. Peek into the making of The Boy Who Knew Too Much here.

Image credit: lastfm

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