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Lyyke Li by Christian Reed

Lykke Li had a busy week last week.  She released her second single/video, “I Follow Rivers,” from her upcoming album Wounded Rhymes, and another video labeled ‘Untitled.’  “I Follow Rivers” is quite a shift from her first single “Get Some.”  Much calmer, it lacks those female power themes that exist in “Get Some.”  It’s a sweet, airy song about this person’s loyalty to their “deep sea baby.”  The contrast of the two songs intrigues me, and heightens my curiosity as to what the rest of the album sounds like.  I trust there is great music to come.

I received an e-mail the other day about “Untitled” and just like the name, there was no greeting, no information, just the video.  The viewer is left to decide what “Untitled” bears.  Shot in black and white and surrounded by sand, Lykke Li–wearing 5 inch heals no less, is alone washing a plate and some knives in a stream of water.  In the next shot she starts stabbing the ground with the knives and tossing playing cards in the air.  She then says something backwards at the end, though I’m not sure what.  

Is this a rebirth? A purging of the old and an embracing of the new?  Perhaps it is the calm before the storm, and we have no idea what the singer is about to hit us with–what hand she’s going to deal.

Lykke Li – ‘Untitled’ from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

What do you think the video means? And what do you think of single no. two?

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