I Break Horses

Good timing, just as I choose to feature I Break Horses, so does NPR (meaning you better get on your game and listen to them now)! Let’s see what they have to say about these fantastic Swedes, shall we?

Sweden’s I Break Horses describes its latest album, Hearts, as a balancing act of light vs. dark that reveals a beauty within the darkness.” Like this description, everything about duo Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck‘s synth-steeped post-rock is hazy, including their intentionally unfocused sound and lyrics intensely focused on the abstract. While an acting inhabitant of the chillwave scene, I Break Horses builds walls of glorious distortion, and the fog of Lindén’s vocals seems to sparkle in the places where light breaks through. With pulsing beats and a constant forward drive, “Hearts” pounds along, always on the verge of spinning out of control. See more

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