Honoring The ‘Earth’ With Her Departure

Her Departure

Connect with our planet this Earth Day with the help of Her Departure.  The conscious pop singer’s EP, Earth, is inspired by the elements and the power of nature.

The voice behind Her Departure is East African Indian, Radhika Vekaria who was born and raised in London, UK and grew up listening to Indian Classical music, jazz, and orchestral music. This hybrid of sounds is at the forefront of Her Departure’s music, which feels even more fitting for a record that pays homage to the global collective’s home.

“We are fighting to return to a cleaner and more sustainable way of living” says Vekaria. “We have only one earth, like we have only one body. It was here long before us and will be long after.”

On the lead track “Empress,” Her Departure calls on women to recognize the goddess within and unleash her power. “Empress inside your beautiful,” sings Vekaria, “It’s time we know, we’re made of gold.” The empowering electronic pop ballad will no doubt draw out your inner diva. Let her come to life be it on the dance floor or the streets. “The sisterhood is growing,” says Vekaria, “the connection to earth teaches and nourishes us. It’s mother nature who creates and the mother who delivers us. And so the cycle continues. This song was written as celebration of that.”

The track “Balloon” faces the challenges of letting go of painful memories from the past and is the most personal song on the EP. Like the air, we feel lighter when we release what’s weighing us down. Her Departure acknowledges this with grace on the haunting ballad. “After everything we experience in life, we come to the end and we must let go,” says Vekaria. “We have no choice but to surrender.”

The interlude “Dare II – Instrumental” features a mix of Scandinavian and African chants, and sets a pace and tone for the journey that takes place as we roam throughout this life.

Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways. That’s the motif on the hypnotic “Kindness of A Stranger.” If you keep the faith and stay positive, life can surprise you with the unexpected. With all the negativity swirling around us, it’s important to remember that there’s still goodness in the world. “I find my angels walking always, everywhere I’m going” sings Her Departure on the African inspired dance track. “It is up to us to carry in our hearts a belief in the goodness of others,” says Vekaria. “The African ending seemed to come out because of the tribal feeling – a calling out to my tribe.”

Her Departure has performed with countless artists across the world, including Prince. Based in Los Angeles, Her Departure recorded Earth with Grammy winning Norwegian producer, Melantopia. A modern electronic hybrid, Her Departure is a gateway into a journey of sonic narratives from old world music to the the modern age. Playing with tone, melody and genres, Earth explores all the ways in which our planet nourishes us on a daily basis.

Press play and connect with your inner-self and mother nature. Go hug a tree while you’re at it. Happy Earth Day.

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