Holy Ghost!, Midnight Magic, Orthy Deliver Disco Inferno At Emo’s

Brooklyn was in the house at Emo’s last week for the disco dance party that was Holy Ghost! and Midnight Magic. Adding a little local flavor however, was Austin’s Orthy who kicked the night off with a cool, atmospheric set featuring songs from their new EP, scheduled for release early next year.

Midnight Magic

The moment Midnight Magic appeared on stage the room was transported to a world of disco balls and glitter. “I hope you’re wearing shoulder pads” said lead vocalist Tiffany Roth, as she kicked off the set. Cosmic creations like “Beam Me Up”, “Drop Me A Line” and “Same Way I Feel” totally had those shoulders shimmying.

“Austin’s always fun,” beamed the fair Roth. Austin thinks Midnight Magic is pretty freakin’ fun too. How fun? Well let’s just say halfway through the set Tiffany paused and said “you guys are monsters.” Sounds about right. It was one of those beautiful moments where band and audience are feeding off each others energy and it just continues to build to pure perfection. Egging the crowd, the singer teased, “If you want to get naked and dance you’re more than welcome. Formal invitation.” I don’t think anyone had danced with Molly enough for that but hey, if this had been ACL Fest under the boiling sun, things may have turned out very differently. Regardless, it certainly was 45 minutes of magic.

Holy Ghost!

With the crowd more than warmed up, Holy Ghost! launched into their set opening with breezy dance tracks, “It’s Not Over”, “Slow Motion” and “Do It Again”. That got people feeling good. It was a surprisingly congenial crowd overall. Everyone seemed really happy to be there and dance themselves clean for a bit.

Holy Ghost! also expressed their love for Austin, saying it was one of their favorite places to play. It was also their first time playing Emo’s. In between songs like “It Gets Dark” and “I Will Come Back”, singer Nick Millhiser alternated from playing the piano to banging on the drums, while Alex Frankel rocked his guitar (which was synced to a rainbow of lights behind on stage that alternately lit up with each chord he played). The guys had about four other people on stage providing back up and pushing buttons on unidentified electronic instruments.

For the encore, Holy Ghost! closed with dance funk single “Dumb Disco Ideas” and “Jam For Jerry” while the cheers and dancing never ceased. The lights, the dancing, the bass, it was an amazing night. Anyone who missed the show, missed out.

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