HEARTSREVOLUTION are changing the pop world one sugar-coated treat at a time. When they aren’t performing beat slamming dance hits, they are traveling around by ice cream truck. HEARTSCHALLENGER is the vehicle that delivers the bands favorite candies, ice cream and merchandise to fans of sweet and kitschy everywhere. The duo consists of LA natives Ben and Lo, who are currently signed to the french label Kitsune and are working on developing new material for a future release, to follow up with the Ultraviolence EP that was released in January.

Their creativity extends beyond their music and into their videos as well. From bold colors, neon lights, and heavy dancing for their C.Y.O.A video (which means choose your own adventure), to a tragic love story between Batman and Snow White in their Digital Suicide video, they keep things new and distinctive. Checking out their stuff on youtube I came across this great video inspired by the story of The Little Prince. Check it out!

Image courtesy: google images

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