Happiness ‘Burn Like Fire’ on “All Apologies”

Swedish UK producer/vocalist duo Happiness have released a cinematic video for the haunting “All Apologies”.

Directed by Adam Berg, the video looks like a scene out of Footloose – with no fun or dancing aloud. Then you get to the end where everything suddenly becomes clear…and you tear up a bit.

Berg had this to say about the video:

“We wanted to be with this older couple, find a calm place in their love, while around them, this drunk angry silence, people staring, gossiping…And in the centre of attention, this beautiful, loving elderly couple, like the most tender intimate moment, dancing, holding each other, real true love in the eye of the storm with only eyes for each other, at the heart of all this animosity….”

The video exquisitely captures the sentiment of “All Apologies” and all-consuming love. The song says it all in the refrain: “If you need a friend you know who to call / don’t forget we almost had it all. / All apologies we’re made too late / that’s the thing about you / that’s the thing about me / we burn like fire.”

Settle in and revel in the beautiful tragedy that is “All Apologies”.

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