Haerts ‘Know You Want It’ – Premier New Video

Haerts’ infectious daydream-inducing single “Wings” dropped today along with a vintage-looking video. Filmed in Nashville, the video follows a few families in suburbia going about their dayto-day lives. The actions are pretty mundane (driving, sitting on a porch), but it’s clear the emotional relationships between characters is quite complex. Therein lies what’s at the heart of “Wings”: Struggling with holding on to others while trying to be true to yourself.

Lead singer Nini Fabi puts it best when she sings, “People never smile to say goodbye. Leaving means there’s nothing left to try. But I broke my wings for you. I smiled as you untied our love for good.”

Toward the end of the video one kid actually flies up into the sky, looking down at his friends running through the fields. Guess he figured out the secret (or drank a lot of Red Bull).

Look for Haerts’ full length album due out this fall.

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