Grace F-ing Jones

Scrap the frozen chicken dinner, I’ll be feasting on a different type of meat tonight…if any of you have grabbed a listen at the latest release from the enigmatic Grace Jones you know what I am referring to. Releasing Hurricane, her first album in 19 years, is it any surprise that Ms. Jones was going to swoop into the spotlight ever more fierce and fabulous?

Take for instance the opening lyrics to her single ‘Corporate Cannibal.’ Vampish and sinister Jones articulates, “Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate / your meat is sweet to me / your destiny / your fate/ you’re my life support, your life is my sport. /I’m a man-eating machine.”

Bold and cheeky, Jones serves up a satisfying musical spread on her new album.

A wearer of many hats: from a musician to a model, an actress, a style icon, and a Studio-54 legend, and still going strong in her 60’s, this woman has done it all. She is incredible. Apparently a DVD highlighting the past 4-5 years of her life is set to be released next year. I know I will be getting comfy on the couch with some popcorn upon its release.

Now if you haven’t watched the video for ‘Corporate Cannibal’ yet, do so immediately!

Images courtesy: last fm

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