GoldieLocks Looks to Gotham

Hello music fans and followers. I have returned from the depths of the holiday abyss ready to join the blogosphere once again. After traveling for the holidays sans internet, and then moving into a new apartment sans internet, I have now re-established connection back into the ether! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year. It’s January 11th, do you remember what your new year’s resolution was? Mine: too get my hands on as much kick-ass new music as possible, no doubt. So without further ado lets get down to business.

For my first post of the new year, I would like to introduce you to no other than GoldieLocks (she’ll steel your porridge and she’ll steel your brain). Forget celebutantte pop princess’ like Peaches Geldof, GoldieLocks brings true sass and stride to her music. A self-described producer, rapper and singer, GoldieLocks will wrap your ears around her thumb and force you to shout “mercy.” Quick rhymes and sharp beats, brace yourself for another Brit ready to invade US airwaves.

Lucky for us, GolideLocks has made her way across the pond to New York and you can catch her live this very week! Performing a DJ set Jan 13 2010, GolideLocks will be stationed at Sutra. Jan 17 at 8:00P catch her live at Coco 66.  For more info check out her MySpace.

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