Goldfrapp Announce New Album, Tales Of Us

Goldfrapp announced today that their new album, Tales Of Us, will be released in September. The band also unveiled a teaser video with various song snippets from the upcoming release. Shot by Lisa Gunning, the teaser is the first in a series of short films Goldfrapp will be premiering alongside Tales Of Us. The films will be shown in cinemas later this year.

Most intriguing about Tales Of Us is the tracklisting. All ten songs except for one (#8 titled “Stranger”) are first names. Who are these people and what are their stories? Guess we’ll have to wait till September 9th to find out.

Tales Of Us track-listing:
1. Jo
2. Annabel
3. Drew
4. Ulla
5. Alvar
6. Thea
7. Simone
8. Stranger
9. Laurel
10. Clay

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