Glass Animals’ Peanut Butter Vibes

Glass Animals have major “peanut butter vibes” (those with peanut allergies don’t be alarmed). The British foursome ooze an ooey gooey, creamy richness, emphasized by lead singer Dave Bayley’s intoxicating voice.

So malleable and fluid. So distinct. I feel like I could drift away on the sound waves.

Those sounds are housed under Glass Animals’ debut album, ZABA, released this past June, and without question one of the best albums of 2014 to date. Inspired by everything from “Kanye West and Charles Darwin” to “Nina Simone and the Velvet Underground“, ZABA draws from a myriad of sources to create a lush, tropical soundscape. Babbling water, howling animals and bird calls, not to mention plinks and plunks, make this a complete auditory experience. It’s the perfect backdrop for imagining yourself in the jungle observing Darwin’s Theory of Evolution at work.

One glance at ZABA’s album art and it’s clear you’re in for an aural adventure from the moment you press play:

“The title, lifted from Dave’s favorite childhood story, comes from William Steig’s The Zabajaba Jungle…ZABA is one complete beast and a journey you will get most from if you immerse yourself fully and listen from start to finish. “The sound of the record,” Dave says, “is like a backdrop of man-made wilderness…” [wegetpress]

Listen to said wilderness on one of the best singles of 2014, Glass Animals’ “Gooey” (where they sing about those “peanut butter vibes”).

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