Give Me A Beat! Alphabeat: The Word on your Lips

I have found the perfect substitute to a doubleshot espresso at Starbucks. Jump start listless neurons with a little Alphabeat. They are the perfect dose to offset an early morning, lazy afternoon or preparing for a lively night. Bubbly, buoyant and bold; Alphabeat invigorates.

Be forewarned, some side effects result from heavy listening. Finger twitching, foot tapping, head bouncing and increased heart-rate may occur. The track “Fascination” being a major culprit. Animated bubble.pop.electric surges and stays strong throughout the entire song.

Hailing from Denmark, the six-piece band complements their sound with colorful threads and personalities. Lead singer, Stine Bramsen is sweet like agave nectar, while Anders SG has a quirky charm. They are popping up everywhere, recently invited to participate in the Roskilde Festival, and currently touring in the UK where they have become wildly popular.

It seems like the word on everyone’s lips these days is Alphabeat.

Video for “Fascination”

Image courtesy: google images

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