Geographer’s Myth Revealed

Geographer appeared on the scene in 2010 with their debut album Animal Shapes, and now return with another round of melodic synth-rock on Myth. What lores lie within the album? The “Myth of Youth” for one, in which the band laments over a simpler time, “We held the future in our hands, Now we’ve got nothing but the present,” a sentiment echoed on “The Dream Has Faded.” Tales of relationships weave a tangled web as well. On “Lover’s Game” vocalist Michael Deni sings, “I wonder if I lived for nothin’; I wonder if I did at all. I wonder if I ever loved you, for who you are.” Geographers pensive lyrics are paired with beautiful, soaring melodies, that are actually at times, quite upbeat.

Check out this wonderful live version of “Kites” above. An emotive song about love and loss.

Be sure to catch the band playing Outside Lands in San Fran on August 10th!

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