GEMS Is Not A "Sinking Stone"

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▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲  is Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts, a dreamy pop duo hailing from Washington D.C. Their one of the names that stood out to me from the slew of CMJ roundups I’ve been scanning this week. Lindsay has a gorgeous breathy voice set to ethereal soundscapes. Once in a while Clifford lends his vocals, adding a weightiness, an additional level of emotion, as heard on the track “Pegasus“.

“Sinking Stone” stands out as a personal favorite, with cracks of percussion that steadily build with guitar swells and Lindsay repeatedly asking, “Could you ever love me again? I need to know! Our love’s not a sinking stone.”

A number of songs are posted on SoundCloud. I suggest listening to all of them. Another favorite – “Never Age“. Get to it, kiddos.

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