Galaxies When We Dance

While winter continues to rear its frosty head, and Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter, Laura Veirs’ has a steady ‘July Flame’ burning in her soul.  Her seventh album, yes seventh, was just released last month.  The gentle plucking of chords on her guitar, can almost be mistaken for the sound of crackling wood in the fireplace–if you allow your mind to wander.  It may just warm you up a few degrees during your cold morning commutes.  This singer/songwriter has a gentle calming voice, filled with the gravity of life-lived experiences.  Each song takes you to a different portal of Veirs’ mind, as you become more familiar with who she is and what she’s encountered.

Veirs’ influences include the sounds of her environment, folk and the music her parents would play in the house when she was a kid.  As a result, her songs have an unconventional ethereal quality to them.  If you haven’t made your acquaintances with her work yet, be sure to do so!  And check out this video below.  Crafty and fun, highlights include peach fireworks, families of animals and still shot animation.

Be sure to check out her new album July Flame and catch her in NYC Feb 15 at the Mercury Lounge!

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