Future Islands – The Chase + Haunted By You

Future Islands dropped two new songs today: single “The Chase,” and B-side “Haunted By You.” Returning to the Late Show with David Letterman a year later, the band marked the occasion by debuting the dynamic, dance-worthy single on the show.

Frontman Samuel Herring started off dedicating the song to Baltimore:

This song is gonna go out to the people of Baltimore. Let us not discount their voices, or the voices of all the people of the cities that we live and love.

The poignant lyrics added weight to the dedication as Herring sang, “I take my licks — like a man / Facing forward / I made my bed, it wasn’t yours.” The energy was palpable as the band gave their all, like they always do.

Turning to the B-side, the introspective ballad “Haunted By You,” was recorded in Austin and produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno. The wistful single sings of the unfairness of life, love and overwhelming loss. A sentiment echoed on “The Chase.”

“Pensive and quiet
Like forever was
In a chrysalis, she waits for us
And she takes from us
Oh sweet life, why give and take from us?
It’s all for you
It’s all for truth”


Image source: Interview Magazine

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