Freedom Fry – 21

Freedom Fry consists of hot-blooded American, Bruce Driscoll and cool French songstress, Marie Seyrat. The duo recently released the vibrant single “21,” an anthem for seizing opportunity and living the good life.

Guaranteed to add some pep to your step, the buoyant track features steal drums, hand claps, tambourines, whistles, and xylophone. Driscoll and Seyrat trade-off on vocals, as they breezily sing their cares away:

21 is about feeling high on all the possibilities of a life that lies ahead. It’s about celebrating the time we’re alive.” 

During a residency at LA’s The Echo, Freedom Fry enlisted participation from their live audience for the track, including those handclaps, group vocals and screams that you hear.

You may recognize Driscoll as one-half of indie-pop band Blondfire. Fun fact, Driscoll and Seyrat actually met on the set of Blondfire’s Where The Kids Are music video – Seyrat was the shoot’s stylist. The more you know.

Listen to Freedom Fry’s “21” and keep the red, white and blue celebrations going, because we all want to stay forever free and forever young.

Image via: Hyperballad

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