Freakin’ Out with The Mowgli’s

The Mowgli's by Morgan Demeter

West Coast rockers The Mowgli’s create pop music with a message. Their latest effort “Freakin’ Me Out,” is a spirited anthem about feeling stuck in place and having the courage to face tough changes head-on.

The track is one of many that seeks to uplift and unite listeners across cultures: from the anti-bullying track “I’m Good,” to “Room For All Of Us,” which supports the refugee-relief organization, International Rescue Committee, The Mowgli’s create music that reverberates beyond one’s headphones.

Sound Dessert spoke to The Mowgli’s about their upcoming third album, music’s impact, and what freaks them out the most. The six-piece plays Austin’s Bat Fest this Saturday, August 20th. Fest goers will enjoy a day of music, vendors, food and a bat costume contest, all taking place on the Congress Bridge.

Sound Dessert: Name three things that freak you out.
The Mowgli’s: Bees, elevators, the 2016 election.

SD: What are you most proud of on the new album?
The Mowgli’s: We sat in a room like a real band and wrote songs together.

SD: With anti-bullying song “I’m Good,” and the refugee-relief supported song “Room For All Of Us,” how have you seen music have a positive impact on the lives of others?
The Mowgli’s: We love to hear stories about how our songs help people get through tough times. We’ve all been there, and it inspires us to hear that we’re making a difference, even in one person’s life.

I believe everyone needs a daily reminder to live in love

SD: How has music positively shaped the band?
The Mowgli’s: Music has made us all who we are today as artists. I believe that everyone needs a daily reminder just to be nice and live in love, and having such a positive message and group of people surrounding you each day does just that.

SD: What’s a song that made a lasting impression on you?
The Mowgli’s: “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles is a strong contender.

SD: What’s the band’s current guilty pleasure?
The Mowgli’s: 90210, Family Feud, Pokemon Go, Ariana Grande, etc….

SD: How does it feel to be playing Bat Fest in Austin? 
The Mowgli’s: We are ecstatic to be coming back to Austin and playing Bat Fest!! We’ve never experienced a bat flying over the bridge, but all of our fingers are crossed for that one. We have a special bond with Austin ever since ACL was cancelled, and we did a couple of pop up shows. Also, we haven’t missed a SXSW in a handful of years. Austin feels like a second home, and we’re always happy to come back.

Photo credit: Morgan Demeter

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