Frances Cone Ready To ‘Rattle’ Joe’s Pub

Over the summer I interviewed singer/songwriter Frances Cone, who was enjoying buzz surrounding her emotive single “Come Back” at the time. Between beach-breaks the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Charleston crooner was hard at work finalizing her untitled debut album. “I’m currently leaning towards come back, frances cone all lower case” the singer mused, “but don’t quote me on that.” Fast-forward a few months later and Cone is celebrating her album release at Joe’s Pub tonight, January 18th. As for the album title, it appears you can quote her on that after-all. 
come back yields soulful, spirited confessions about love in all its forms, and the personal growth that follows. The moment Frances Cone takes the stage be ready for her to “rattle your heart and the room“.  Bring a date, or if you’re single keep your eyes peeled, as Daily Candy writes, “her tenderhearted songs might just set the mood for an evening of hand-holding under the table.”
The embracing starts at 7:00PM at Joe’s Pub. Purchase tickets here.

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