Foster The People Have ‘Nothing To Prove’

The new Foster The People video for their infectious track “Call It What You Want” is quite the visual spectacle. From Mark Pontius playing the drums in a tub (and in another scene while levitating), to what looks like Mark Foster singing with his head in a fishbowl, to Cubbie Fink covering himself in lipstick, it’s clear the band is running with the title, and sending a big message. There’s also the more controversial scene where Mark Foster shoots, with his hand, a bunch of screaming groupies. What do you call that? A metaphor for their fast rise to fame, and maybe feeling overwhelmed by it all? Or a symbolic gesture that despite their rise, they will never be “sell outs?” Or is it just a ploy to get people to watch the video? See for yourself and call it what you will – watch the video now.

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