Flossy Flossy

Crowdsurfers, potheads and hipsters alike set out in packs to see Flosstradamus and Matt and Kim at the Hudson River Rocks concert series this week. Flosstradamus (aka DJ’s J2K and Autobot) hailing from Chi-town are the ultimate party DJ’s. While I can’t comment on their dental hygiene, their beat matching is squeaky clean. Spitting sleek transitions, fresh hooks and fast fingers these boys know how to get a party started. From Basement Jaxx to Matt and Kim (of course), to Jay-Z it was an impressive set–and everybody danced. You can catch a snippet of their set from the video I took posted below (my apologizes for the intermittent blurriness).

Next up was Matt and Kim. A bubbly ball of energy, as usual, they made the night. Video projectors set the backdrop of the stage where kaleidescopic flashes of color thrashed on screen. The twosome tossed freebies into the crowd, danced around stage and gave continuous love to the throng of fans. The fun never seems to stop with the two of them, which is a big reason as to why they are so appealing. Their energy is infectious. Bacardi has also caught on, as ‘Daylight’ is now featured in an ad for Mojitos.

Flosstradamus Hudson River Rocks Set:

Matt and Kim Yea Yeah Flosstradamus Remix:

Images courtesy: myspace, lastfm

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